Welcome to Bright Farms.
I am pleased to share with you my herd.
My name is Casey Bright I own these beautiful does.
A few belong to my brother Cade and sister Claire but the majority are registered to me.
I started with Nubians. The first show we went to was Shelby Spring show.
That is where I fell in love Nigerian Dwarfs.

I met legendary John and Judy Nelson, they have taught me many
secrets of the trade and are the reason I have the success
I have today in the show ring and on the farm.
The first doe was J-Nels L Splash N Bubbles who we purchased by just
being at the right place at the right time, Spätzle had a extra doe kid.
From there my Nigerian herd quickly grew.

With the generosity and kindness of Teena Bagwell
I obtained two great foundation does.
GCH J-Nels SM Dimplin and GCH J-Nels GP Caramel Delight.
Teena also allowed me to use her outstanding herd sire
CH Gypsy Moon SB War-Paint. The Nubians are a growing herd,
while my passion is Nigerians I love the challenges that come with
breeding and showing Nubians.

I have started college at CSU. My whole family and herd is now in
Wellington Colorado. we travel to the east so if you would like to
purchase a goat but worried about transport. Please ask we can help.

adga.org Cbrightx4@aol.com
© 2017 Bright Farms

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