J-Nels Lineage
Doe Sire Due Price Availability
SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin       She is being flushed and kids are expected
GCH J-Nels SM Dimplin        
CH J-Nels GP Zita        
Bright Farms Little Bit Sweet        
Bright Farms Snickerdoodle        
Bright Farms WP Mini Me        
Bright Farms Paris Lace        
J-Nels SM Sweet Dreams        
J-Nels L Spritzle        
 J-Nels L Splash N Bubbles        
J-Nels LY Summer Delight        
J-Nels SM Sweet Dreams        
J-Nels WT Kookie Monster        
Doe Sire Due Price Availability
SG Hoanbu EXOD Moon River  
Bright Farms M Gee Whiz
Hoanbu KC Prize Of Pandora  
J&M Hideaway LMF Hestia
Lynnhaven NM Queen of Soul
Lynnhaven NM Mariachi Serenade  
Lynnhaven RHK Red Hot Sands  
Lynnhaven Timeless Pekko
Shoals Creek Farm WSCJ Sunny  
French Alpine
Doe Sire Due Price Availability
Moores Pond Farm Charmer Dove        
Prices are for animals picked up at the farm. Additional charges for health certificates,
crates, trip to airport, and shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

There is a $100. deposit to reserve a kid of your choice.
If you see a breeding that you like, please let us know as soon as possible.
Reservations are made with a deposit on a first come first served basis.
You do not have a reservation until we receive your deposit.
If a kid is not available from your selected breeding your deposit is refundable,
however if a kid is available and you decide not to take it your deposit is not refundable.
We do reserve the right to keep any kid. After the kids are born we will notify you and you will have
5 days to get the balance to us. If we do not receive the balance at that time we will resell the kid.

All kids will be bottle fed so pickup is expected within 2 weeks.

*** 5.00 a day boarding fee will be applied after 2 weeks.***
All animals are guaranteed to be free of disqualifying faults and genetically reproductively sound on the day of sale.
Because we cannot control environmental influences and conditions once said animal leaves our property,
we cannot offer any further guarantees.

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