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All of our goats (Nigerian Dwarf, Nubians and Lamancha) are shown, milk tested and LA. We test yearly for CAE with negative results. Starting in 2019 we are guaranteeing to never produce disqualifying faults. What does this mean to you? Nigerian clients if you purchase a Bright Farms buck or doe and they grow to be over height we will exchange that animal for one of equal value. The goat will need to be sold as a pet/papers returned to Bright farms or the goat returned to Bright Farms. This is a case by case. This is applied to all disqualifying faults in all of the breeds we produce. Excluding disqualifications due to injury or neglect. We travel from Colorado to South Carolina and from Colorado to NV a few times a year so please if you need help with transport just let us know.

We want our clients to know we stand behind our goats 100%. We are not a sale and done farm, we are there for you for the long haul.

Please if you have any questions you can email Cindy at Cbrightx4@aol.com

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